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Taper Roller
Taper roller is widely used in steel plants, power plants, docks, coal mines and other transportation industries. Taper conveyor rollers have the main function of keeping the straight conveying. Conveyor taper rollers can be used as both of carrier rollers and return rollers. With self lubrication, the taper rollers can reduce drag resistance and the energy consumption, so the taper roller is good for long distance transportation.
The taper conveyor roller also has the below features:
1, Much high abrasive resistance and very small friction coefficient
2, With excellent self lubrication, no need oiling and it is not easy to be stuck in harsh conditions.
3, Anti-static, anti-combustion, anti-aging and corrosion resistant to acids, alkali and organic solvents.
4, Can withstand repeated shocks and vibrations
5, Can be used under the temperature of -40℃-90℃
6, Excellent mechanical performance, light weight, easy installation, no maintenance
7, Smoothly running and long service life
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